Monday, February 27, 2012


Sat. 3/3/12

The Carousel Space Project
1310 N. Hoyne Ave.

The process of “assembling” is a progression wherein the gathering and collecting of components builds for a common purpose, yet the pieces remain self-subsistent. In the art realm, the notion of assemblages builds on remix practices, which blur distinctions between invented and borrowed work. Similarly, the act of “assembling” refers to the congregation of individuals for such a common purpose, where the experience is the final product. This exhibition aims to utilize both applications of assembling in bringing together current and future SAIC students of all disciplines to view works that feature a mixture of various elements and composites.

Featuring Works By:
Ali Aschman
Greg Bae
Ryan Coffey
Blake Daniels
Kathryn Drury
Miriam Dubinsky
Liz Ensz
Kevin Goodrich
Nick Henning
Annie Kielman
Tony Lewis
Dan Luedtke
Kristin Nason
Dao Nguyen
Joel Parsons
Brian Rush
Rose Sexton
Chanel Thomas
Silvia Vasilescu