Friday, March 11, 2011

Collect - March 25th

Renowned Art dealer Jennifer Mills from SAIC 
currently represents the studio scraps of 15 artists world wide.

It is her great pleasure to invite you to her art dealing debut 
where you will have the opportunity to buy original art objects by established artists 
for the low low price of $5 or less! 

BYOB&C (Bring your own beverage and cash) 
You are bound to leave the event with some fine art to start or add to your collection.

Friday, MARCH 25th

1310 N Hoyne Ave in Wicker Park 
(off the Damen Blue line stop)

Bring Cash and Collect Art Objects!

Artists Include:

Taylor Baldry
Jesse Butcher
Mitchell F. Chan
Steven Frost
Alex Gartelmann
Antonia Gurkovska
Jami Jerome
Robin Kang
Julie Laffin
Maren Murray
Monica Panzarino
Anthony Romero
Ashley Thomas
Georgia Wall

Déjà vu Update!

Thank you to all that came out for our fabulous grand opening!  The evening was full of surreal discoveries, wood chopping, beer drinking, and wonderful music.

If you liked what you experienced, here is some more information about the artists and their work:

Ei Jane Janet Lin

Miao Jiaxin

Janet, originally from Taiwan and currently in the SAIC Fiber and Material Studies MFA program, and Miao, from Shanghai, China enrolled in SAIC’s MFA Photography program, will be exhibiting a collaborative project.

About the work:
A performative video documentation of a collaborative live performance on an interactive and broadcasting pornographic website.

Guillermo R. Gudiño

Originally from México, and also in SAIC’s MFA Photography program.

Artist’s Description:
The temporary situations I produce establish a dialogue with the given context. Displacing functions, activities or locations my installations question the validity of what we accept as a legitimate experience.

Robby MacBain

Robby, currently in the SAIC MFA Sound Department, is originally from Rhode Island. 

Artist’s Description:
My interest in sound as an art form is rooted in the simple act of sitting quietly and listening. In the process of closely observing my surroundings, I feel that the barrier between myself and the world around me becomes more fluid. Through my work with sound, I hope to create listening experiences that encourage this kind of fluidity.

Sterling Lawrence

Native to Chicago, Sterling is enrolled in the SAIC’s Printmedia MFA program.

Artist’s Description:
My work deals with how one can reconcile the historicity of the thing
being expressed through exploring what baggage is brought from the past
manifesting itself in the present.  This collision with the now creates
a narrative which challenges the viewer to engage in questions of
value, abstraction, contribution, and transformation.